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6 Characteristics to Make User-Friendly Websites


In order to make a good and impaction website, you need to be taking care of usability. To have a successful business through website, you need to provide excellent user-experience for its visitors. Good usability will set your website apart from others in competition. Many ways are there to improve the usability of the website and fortunately, it’s the website designer Singapore who is actually showing the usability aspects more and more in their websites.

Some 6 characteristics which our website designers have been working on in making user-friendly sites are:

  • Mobile compatibility : More and more people are buying mobiles with latest facilities, where surfing the internet, shopping and all other internet facilities are being accessed. Websites now need to be mobile and apps compatible to reach maximum number of users. The use of responsive design is the best answer to the issue.
  • All-user accessible : The user-friendly website should have accessibility to all including the disabled, elderly or the blind. These people use the internet and access the screen-readers. Using the 508 accessibility features of the website, screen reader versions can be made available to a wider range of audience. A careful look into the work of our designers can easily explain this factor.
  • User Experience Compatible : How well the website is planned and displayed in the website is very important for usability. It becomes more important today, when there is lots of information provided in one site. So that the user can easily find what he/she is looking for. Good planning with a proper architecture of the site is required.
  • Good-Formatting : Almost all web surfers just scan through the information, instead of reading the content word-by-word. Users tend to find if the content is useful for their purpose by just scanning through it. Proper formatting of the website with use of bullets, fonts, highlights and bold texts is important to inform the customer what you have in store for him/her.
  • Fast Loading Time : Nothing is more irritating that waiting for the website to load. If your website takes a long time to load, chances are- most visitors will close your site and not visit again. Loading time of 4 to 6 seconds is good for usability.
  • Browser Compatibility : Browser capability gets easily overlooked. However, there might be people using the IE7, IE8 still. Your website should be browser-friendly in all browsers including the latest and oldest ones.
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