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Navigation Bar as the Intrinsic Element of Website Design

User friendly navigation system taking the visitors beyond the landing page is responsible for a site’s success. As an essential website design element, it is oriented to a single motive – that is to enable users spot the information they are looking for without difficulty. Naturally, the concerned web development job stays focused to maximize this element’s usability, with a hope to enhance user’s engagement with the site. Problem is, often the visitors are served with something irritating and inconsistent in the name of navigation bar that will take to nowhere. No surprise that such a pathetic user experience will only invite trouble for the concerned site.

A good website that comes with unique website design features that a navigation bar should show up

  • Organize and structure your content first, and then think about designing the bar. Unless the tab used for navigability doesn’t take the visitor to the desired page or provide the information searched, it’s not a design but a futile decoration that your web designer has created.
  • Insertion of a drop down menu is fine, but actually it backfires, especially when you have added too many menus and submenus. For a typical ecommerce web design, statistics will say that number of channels beyond eight will actually leave the user confused about the page to be visited. Preferably keep it within seven.
  • The command displayed on the bar should sound and mean familiarity, and it’s absolutely not recommended to use jargons to inform users about the action to be performed, or the page it is connected with. May be you are strong enough with your vocabulary, but the average user may not be able to comprehend with what is being said. Use simple language and trim down unnecessary words. The perfect web development means creating a user-friendly site.
  • The possibility of flash application in this particular section of web development is exciting, but actually its uncontrolled use makes the visitor annoyed. Fortunately, designers have found this wonderful alternative in the form of markup language powered or CSS enabled designs. Occasional teaming of flash design with this approach is fine

A good website design requires you to create navigation with simplicity. Of course it doesn’t mean that you aren’t supposed to try complex derivatives, but make sure that your content supports this complexity.

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