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Martin John is the founder and director of Orchard Health Clinic. He set up Orchard Health & Natural Therapies Clinic in 2009, which was aimed to give professional service in a warm, friendly and ethical manner.

Something he felt was often missing. His idea had merit as his clinic soon flourished with clientele ranging from high-end professionals to local families, who both enjoyed his passion and commitment to giving them a service tailored to taking care of their individual needs. Over the years, he has become increasingly interested in helping those who suffer from painful conditions such as disc injuries of the neck or back, getting to the root of the problems and also keeping them better.

Martin is known for his ‘Magic Hands’ and specialises in spinal health and joint care as well as able to help conditions like Scoliosis, Numbness, Sciatica, Disc Bulges and Spondylosis to name just a few.

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