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Think Out Of The Box And Stick To Trendsetting Web Design Concepts

The current year witnessed quite a few improvisations, as far as improvised approach in website design concepts are concerned. You got to give HTML5 and CSS3 the deserved credit for staging this changeover process, and actually this modification was necessary. The pattern of net surfing, the user’s interactivity prototype, device used for accessing the online world-everything is undergoing a steady change. Naturally, the professionals appointed for creation and decoration of the website layout can’t afford to ignore the demand for a more flexible and user friendly site blueprint. Innovations kept coming, but only a few like the following could fetch the desired results.

Respond to fluid web design

It’s going to be an understatement for HTML5 that you can use this specific version of markup language to produce some of the coolest online games. When you combine it with CSS3, there are opportunities to make most of the fabulous animations, but even this application isn’t going to define the full potential of this language. Singapore web designer community made great use of this markup language to come up with a more flexible web page design that fits all the devices used for net surfing. “Separate site layouts for your PC and Smartphone”, this concept is dead. Now you need to catch attention from both the users.

Usage of minimal color schemes

This is interesting, especially when it’s a common perception that a page is like a canvas, where the designer can experiment a lot with color schemes and contrasts. The modern day concepts used for web development tells you about the importance of a consistent color scheme. Without trying too many shades and tones, limit your options to one or two. That’s the style to follow, in order to help your users focus on the text and content displayed.

CSS3 to manage your fonts displayed

Important segments of your page need to have a stylized display, and intelligently applied Typography gives you the edge in this regard. Yet again, CSS3 is there to help your cause, with its acclaimed Font Face system application. You used to employ stereotyped fonts to script the message on the CTA buttons, but this facility allows you to experiment with the texts by applying numerous font styles. Use your page URL as the referencing point, and this system will allow you to download almost every kind of templates available online. Especially when you are running a commercial site with plenty of announcements regarding deals and products available, this facility is certain to help your purpose.

Change is there in highlight boxes as well

Other than JavaScript based slider centric applications, the highlight boxes as part of your web design have got a much needed makeover as well. Plenty of improvisations are there to give a try, like you can utilize the images related to your products and offerings as the background, or can think about using a different theme for the boxes, when compared with rest of the site content. Needless to say, you still have the CSS3 by your side to experiment with other designs and colors schemes in this regard as well.

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