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Product Finding Features In Ecommerce Web Design

There’s a thin yet prominent line, distinguishing between under performing eCommerce websites and their successful counterparts. Even after decorating the commercial site with all the designer elements and eye catching features, it’s often a common yet utter surprise for the appointed web designer that the site is still experiencing poor rate of conversion. It’s not that the items are too pricey to afford, or the buyer has suddenly lost intent. That’s the case where the fundamental lesson of eCommerce web design stands – successful sites do nothing special but enable the customer to establish a connection with the item being searched. Often the commercial sites tend to deviate from this primary requirement, and customers, even after visiting the target pages still can’t find the products they are searching. The art of successful web design in this regard, is about helping the visitors spot their demanded items with least or zero complicates.

Depending on the behavioral pattern of the customer, as illustrated in the following, the strategy for eCommerce web page design also varies:-

  • Power shoppers, aka the buyer’s communities who are pretty much sure about the items to be bought tend to shift to somewhere else in no time, unless the page they have landed helps their browsing. Insertion of an easily viewable search bar that offers product suggestions is good designer element to work with
  • The window shoppers frequently found in malls or shopping outlets are called recreational shoppers in ecommerce trade. Typically, such a community always stays curious about anything that looks catchy, but they seldom make any purchase. Nevertheless, they are source of potential customers as well, and the web page needs to be packed with vibrant color schemes, dynamic images, announcement of never-to-be-missed deals to satiate their desire for eye candy pieces
  • The last in the lot, your ever popular reluctant shoppers. They are typified in terms of their low confidence level to handle online shopping activities, or inquisitiveness to make sure about the privacy issues, payment securities and so on. Forget addition of designer elements; concentrate on insertion of a wizard that instantly answers their queries, anything from refund policies to average delivery duration.

In a nutshell, the appointed web designer needs to combine marketing skills and creative design to come up with page that understands and connects to the customer’s requirement. Once it’s achieved, conversion is bound to happen.

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