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Drop Shadow In Website Design-Philosophy Of Colors

Drop shadow is a very common thing for all web designers who work with the navigation bar. Ask any client who has to deal with website development will often come up with something which is quite not right about the look of their site. It’s not about the website being bad or improper. Yet, something which cannot be identified and is creating a look that is not conducive and appealing.

The moment I see a website design and because I know some good designers, what I look at is how the website looks in total. If you have the opportunity of seeing a whole designing work on process, you will see the wide difference in the initial look and the final get up. It is not possible for a casual viewer to identify the subtle yet critical works but, any good painter would tell you what an immense knowledge of color is required to bring the effect.

While you insert tables in your word doc, there are different colored table options that are given to you. A web designer multiplies that effect and brings subtle shades to mark two separate tabs on a navigation bar. This is specially required in the front page and the main pages of a web page design as navigation through the page is very vital in a website.  Drop shadow is the actual technical name for creating this effect.

I had actually seen a designer change the drop shadow effect around 10 times to get the satisfactory shades fort he tabs. The front page in a website design is the most important page and happens to take maximum time in its make. Front page or the landing page consumes maximum time of the web designer in designing a website. Drop shadow also requires maximum attention from the worker in a website’s landing page.

“50 Shades of Gray”- this name of the popular book always reminds me of the web designer and their contribution into website design arena. Only the writer of the novel talked about the philosophical aspects of life and a designer depicts those philosophies through his sense of color using appropriate functions from his software.

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