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Aspects of Responsive Web Design That is Making Site Owners Switch to It

A survey in recent times shows that the number of mobile users in the world will outnumber the number of desktop users before the year 2014 comes to an end. This makes it quite evident that the users of mobile internet are bound to outnumber the users of desktop internet towards the end of the year 2014. As such, use of responsive web design for your site becomes imperative, keeping the statistics of the survey in mind. Ripplewerkz is a Singapore based web design company that offers impressive solutions for any requirement of Responsive web designing by the clients.

A Responsive site is one that is designed in a way that can adapt to whichever device or gadget a customer is using to access, view and navigate the site. Irrespective of the fact that a user is using a desktop, a smart phone or a tablet, a responsive web design enables a site to open up aptly in any of these devices used. Certain aspects of a responsive web design that has triggered the urge amongst site owners to switch to it can be listed as following:

•    Easy access– A responsive site allows easy access to it by the targeted audience.
•    Easy navigation-A responsive site allows easy navigation of it by the targeted audience.
•    Easy viewing– A responsive site allows easy viewing of it by the targeted audience.
•    Adaption to any movement– A responsive site has the feature to respond to any sort of movement you make. This implies that a responsive site adapts to any screen resolution without affecting the aesthetics and functionality of a site.

By 2015, 1.9 billion people across the world will be using mobile internet while only 1.6 billion users will be using desktop internet. So, make your site responsive and notice the unbelievable hike in your overall revenue.

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