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What our clients say

Lionel from Ripplewerkz is one of the most professional if not the most professional web designers I have worked with. The first project we worked on together is my personal blog (violetlim.com). At that point, we have actually not met face-to-face, but via our online communication, somehow Ripplewerkz knew exactly what I wanted. I am so impressed by what they have done (check it out, and you will too!), and I absolutely love how they have successfully incorporated all the different elements I wanted into my blog.

Ripplewerkz was also always willing to go the extra mile. When my previous host company lost all my data, they helped me to recover my data, and help me get my blog up and going again with my new host. Since then, we have worked on many other projects together – my company’s new website (lunchactually.com), as well as corporate identities for our new product lines. Ripplewerkz’s service is always prompt and they are always willing to listen to my suggestions and make necessary changes.

In fact, Ripplewerkz’s so good that part of me wants to keep them as Singapore’s best hidden gem. 😉 So, if you are looking for a web designer, look no further

Violet, Founding Director, Lunch Actually Pte Ltd

I needed a web designer in 2009 because my site, xiaxue.blogspot.com, was previously skinned way back in 2006. The reason why I took so long to get another web designer was because I was terrified that my new skin would pale in comparison to my old one.

I needn’t have worried though. Because my current Ripplewerkz skin is not only better, it increased my hits by 10,000 unique visitors a day!

You’d think that design alone would not improve hits that drastically, but it does! Lionel included a twitter bar, a little twitter speech bubble, an “I like it” button ala Facebook, and a clever iframe within my site so that I can constantly update with photos from my phone. It’s all very Web 3.0 or 4.0 or whatever it is right now!

But that’s not all that’s needed for a great web designer. Besides an eye for aesthetics, being good with geeky codes and keeping up with new tech trends, one must also have the passion and efficiency.

Nobody likes to wait a thousand years for their skin.

And that’s what’s the most impressive about Lionel. As I’ve been telling everyone around who didn’t have enough sense to ask me who designed my new blogskin: Lionel is so swift, our MSN conversation literally goes like this: “Can you change xxx to xxx? And the archives are wrong, it should be starting from July…”

Most people would say they’d let me know once they do it. Lionel’s reply? “Done.” Fixed within 1 minute. He doesn’t even waste time to reply and say that he’s fixing it. And fixed properly too.

It’s amazing what we have achieved together on the blogskin via communicating only through chat programs. We bounced ideas off each other, and despite being the quiet sort of guy, he really listens (sometimes I think he’s ignoring my blabber), and totally understood the style I wanted, among other nity grity details. You’d think a straight-laced guy like him would not do pink and princessy well, but I think I unleashed the inner princess in him! HA HA!

I love my blogskin to death and foresee that in future, I’m gonna have the same problem I did back in 2009. I’d think that whatever new skin I get would definitely pale in comparison. Afterall, it’s hard to beat a Ripplewerkz skin.

Stay fab Ripplewerkz!

Wendy Cheng (Xiaxue), Blogger

In my opinion, Ripplewerkz did an outstanding job. Compared to other companies that I’ve dealt so far, you guys really did your best to understand what we have in mind and visualize our concept and build it into great websites within the given timeframe. I wish Ripplewerkz all the best and I do think you should add your manpower to keep it up and deliver beyond best services, because your business are expanding.

Stella Wijaya, V Wealth Capital Pte Ltd

Ripplewerkz has provided our company, Dragon Boat Innovate, with a very rewarding service experience. The team is youthful, friendly and very receptive. They were able to deliver what our company desires, professionally yet presenting it in a relaxing way.

Choi Yee was our consultant for this project. She is attentive and was able to handle our many requests patiently. We will definitely recommend our contacts to Choi Yee and her Ripplewerkz team for future endeavours.”


Jason Chen, Business Director, DBI Private Limited

I am writing to commend your team at Ripplewerkz on an outstanding job done in assisting us in setting up Foster Bay.

The initial process of quote seeking and decision making was smooth with Ms Tam Choi Yee (Consultant) who never failed to provide assistance whenever required. She would try her best to understand our needs and provide us a tailored website development package that would best suit us. Her patience and professionalism is appreciated.

Ms Chen Si Min (UX Designer) surprised us with her very first mockup which had significantly captured the look and feel we had wanted for the website of Foster Bay. We know this has been a tedious tweaking process however she too was patient and tried her best to accede to our many requests.

Finally Mr Jeff Simons Decena (Web Developer) whom I personally have had the chance to have the most extensive dealings with in your office – given this was the final detailing to launch the site, has been nothing but pure professionalism. He was able to guide us in all the technical aspects of the backend management of the site of which this was all new to us and required a lot of patience on his end. To date having launched Foster Bay about 3 weeks ago, we are pleased to add that your team at Ripplewerkz continuously aim to provide us the best service possible.

We certainly look forward to our continued partnership with Ripplewerkz and wish you and your team the very best for 2012.

Simone Ann Lim-Foster, Co-Founder, Foster Bay

We love Ripplewerkz! We have had quite a lot done to our website over the past year and Lionel and his team have delivered every single time. Whenever we want complicated changes made, Lionel always gives constructive ideas and works out solutions together. This has made working with them easy and enjoyable. We can also be very particular about how things look on our site and Lionel has been super patient, moving things 1 pixel down or 2 pixels to the left :) We love that they are contactable 24/7 (maybe we shouldn’t type this here.. hehe). Even during emergencies, Lionel gets on it immediately!

Thank you, Ripplewerkz!

Joanne, The Pop Look

I would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and dedication in helping us with the website construction and website design. It was a great pleasure working with you and we are very pleased with it. Also, we would like to thank your team for working with us through the problems.

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with you again and would definitely recommend you to any of our friends.

Geraldine and Natasha, SoChic/SoHaute

Ripplewerkz is the greatest thing to ever happen to my company. The work is incredible, and completed quickly and accurately. I have never had a problem with any work done by this web design company, and trust me, I’ve had a lot of work done. The best part about them, is that they complete the work without me needing to give out too many details. I’m not a graphical person, so describing something that I want is rather difficult. Working with them, I don’t have to worry. It’s like they can see right inside my head and recreate exactly what I see. This is by far one of the best web design companies out there. I strongly recommend them to any type of business, large or small. You won’t be disappointed.

Benjamin D. Garner, Shadowcore Inc

Dear Ripplewerkz, thanks so much for your work! I’ll try and send more people your way.

Eugene, Fitness Gourmet

Thanks again for all of your help, understanding and professionalism! Best of luck!

Meghann Collard, Collard Music & Album Design